TMC has been a life -saver and marriage-saver for me and my family.  It has provided us with a way to settle our frustration without upsetting each other.  It holds us accountable to each other and helps us continue to improve our parenting and marriage.
Mark, 32

At TMC, I learned how to take care of my inner self and outer self. With God’s help I stopped overeating and stopped trying to please everybody.
Tina, age 70

While I’m still in the very early part on the path to recovery and still have all of my addictions and hurts to deal with, I know this time around I’m not alone because I let Jesus Christ and His messengers in to help guide me. Just knowing that, I can now handle the pain that comes with opening old wounds and let them be cleansed and finally able to heal, instead of ‘band-aiding’ them with quick fixes or denying the suffering they have covered for too long.
Kelli, age 23

I give thanks to TMC for helping me realize without doubt that I am loved with an everlasting love, beyond measure, by my Savior Jesus Christ.
Maggie, age 69

My wife and I have been married for just over eighteen months. We have both been previously married for over fifty one years total between us. Prior to getting married we received scripture based pre-marital counseling but struggles and issues still manifested themselves in our relationship. These struggles prompted us to reach out to TMC for guidance. Through our counseling at the center we have learned how to allow God to work through us in strengthening our marriage, addressing generational sin and healing past wounds to live a life closer to the Lord.
Robert (age 61) and Virginia (age 57)

TMC has helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and has let me move forward instead of hanging out in the past.
Michele, age 40

TMC is different from other counseling services that I have encountered in that the focus is on God and what He will do in my life if I put my trust in Him. The simple practical tools I have been given in my sessions have changed my life.
Chris, age 52