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“People are hurting so badly. But I’m just one person. How can I make a difference?”

The Messenger Center is a partnership among God’s people. When many partners like you come together with us, we can guide hurting people into Christ-centered healing. You are a key part of that process!

We rely on partners like you to …

  • Volunteer
  • Provide financial gifts
  • Provide practical items for the Center
  • Leverage personal interests and hobbies through third-party fundraising events
  • Connect us to referrers
  • Connect us to corporate sponsors

While Joshua led the Israelites in battle, Moses went to the mountaintop to pray. As long as Moses was able to hold up his hands, Joshua and the Israelites continued to win. But Moses could not continue by himself. Aaron and Hur came alongside him, holding up his hands during the long battle. These men of God worked together to win victory. In the same way, your support alongside TMC is crucial as together we provide hope and healing for hundreds of the hurting right here in our community.

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