Our History


Founded in 2005 by 28+ year mental health professional and counselor Mary Anthony Bouknight, The Messenger Center (TMC) is a broad-based discipleship counseling and education ministry. TMC operates from a Christian world view. It serves children, teens, and adults who have a variety of everyday problems. TMC was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2007.

The Center provides quality care without financial constraints. Staff members lead clients, or “students,” through steps of understanding their hurt, the process of biblical healing, and living in freedom from those hurts. The ministry draws upon the benefits of both one-on-one counseling and group classes to equip students in recovery and healing.

Initial expansion of services

In 2009, TMC launched its first series of ground-breaking classes, designed to give students tools for healthy living and guide them through the discipling process of mature Christian living. The TMC class series is a favorite of pastors, lay people, and students for skill-building in healthy relationships, understanding generational impact, boundaries, and managing emotions. In addition, staff members are regular speakers at local associations and churches on topics ranging from boundaries to addiction, families, and effective communication. In 2010, TMC moved to its new location in order to accommodate a growing number of students and to provide more services.

Name and logo

TMC’s name, “The Messenger,” is derived from Proverbs 13:17: “A faithful messenger brings healing.” TMC believes its calling is to serve as messengers who guide people from hurt to recovery and a delivered life.

The cross on the TMC logo is a reminder that Jesus died for our sins (Colossians 1:20). The red heart symbolizes God’s unfailing love (Psalm 36:7).