Fees and Policies



  • Counseling sessions are by appointment.
  • Clients (also called “students”) are seen one-on-one. Children and adolescents can receive counseling when one or more parent receives counseling also.
  • Counseling is offered by TMC as part of a long-term recovery process over a short-term (“quick fix” or “band-aid”) approach.


TMC is dedicated to providing quality, affordable care for our students. Session fee rates are determined after the student’s initial assessment and completed financial application form are submitted. TMC charges a set fee for the first appointment, which is a 90 minute in-depth assessment. TMC does not accept insurance. A limited number of scholarships are available thanks to generous sponsors, who also help offset regular costs of services.


100% confidentiality is guaranteed.

TMC Limitations

  • TMC does not provide court-ordered counseling or counseling required by law during a custody conflict, divorce, or legal battle.
  • TMC does not make medical or mental health diagnoses. The Center can refer clients to quality health professionals for medical evaluation. Clients can receive counseling while undergoing medical assessment and treatment.