About Us

The Messenger Center (TMC) is a biblically-based, discipleship counseling and education nonprofit organization. We guide hurting people into Christ-centered healing.

We use a unique approach to counseling to bring about lasting, healthy change in our students.

Christ-Centered Counseling

We blend clinical counseling with education and spiritual mentoring to help students experience life transformation.

Healing from hurt is possible. In fact, that is God’s desire for us. The Bible guides us in recovery from abuse, past hurts, anxiety, addiction, depression, grief, communication, relationships, family issues, finances, grief, trauma, spiritual conflict, among other hurts. We blend cognitive and behavioral counseling along with discipleship (both one-on-one and in classes) to renew thinking, equip clients with tools they need to live a mature, healthy Christian life, and mentor them long-term.

Services Without Financial Constraints

The Messenger Center is a nonprofit organization and does not accept insurance. Fess are billed on a modest sliding scale after each student completes a financial breakdown of income and expenses.  Generous partners provide resources to help offset costs.

Long-Term Recovery

Most problems need more than a quick fix. Nearly 90% of our students stay with us for more than a year. Counseling is offered by The Messenger Center as part of a long-term recovery process over a short-term ( “band-aid”) approach. While other counseling centers accept insurance and must limit the number of sessions available to students, our unique nonprofit status allows students to stay in counseling and receive the care they need to become healthy and whole.