woman at sunsetWhen you’re in pain, you don’t need a sermon. You don’t need more drama. You don’t need more blame.

Instead, you need support … a compassionate ear … and some real answers. You want to know that the pain doesn’t need to stay forever – and doesn’t need to start up again after you’ve healed.

We can help

At The Messenger Center, we guide hurting people into Christ-centered healing. Every day and every week, we see it over and over again in our practice: hurting people come to us in pain, but they can find healing and transformation.

Our confidential services are rooted in the truth that transformation is not only possible, but it’s God’s design. You can experience wholeness after brokenness. We’re committed to sharing with you the support you need to pursue answers that stand the test of time.

You don’t need to go through this alone. We’re here. And we can help.

Note in 2016: While we temporarily cannot accept new referrals, we can refer you to interim help until we can take on new students. Contact us.